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Mason Grogan Medical has been a major supplier to orthotists, podiatrists, podiatric laboratories, and pedorthists for over 30 years.

Our focus is to provide practitioners and labs with high-performance fabricating materials and components for the manufacture of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Custom Footwear.

As specialists in materials, we support our clients with technical expertise to guide them in their selection of fit-for-purpose materials that address specific patient pathologies to achieve successful patient outcomes.

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Mason Grogan Medical are experts in components and materials for the manufacture of orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthic custom footwear. When guiding our customers to select materials and components which meet their prescriptive intent, we take into consideration three important factors:

1. Patient Profile

Shoe Style

2. Orthotic Type


3. Production

3D Printed

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“We are passionate about materials and energised by Australian manufacturing. Our suite of capabilities & expertise serve as a unique centralised materials resource for Australian Podiatry Industry”

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Who is Mason Grogan Medical?

Our specialist sales team assists:

In choosing the right materials to meet their design, performance and production requirements of custom orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic devices.

Our extensive specialist materials knowledge built over 30 years of partnering with leading global materials manufacturers helps our customers navigate through the proliferation of innovative products available to select fit-for purpose materials.

Expert advice to achieve prescriptive outcomes and happy patients.

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Would you like to know which materials match your patient’s pathologies? Want to know what materials prevent sweat, protect against bacteria or have longevity? Our showroom has all the answers.

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